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Advanced models consider multiple features simultaneously, adapt to complex patterns to provide actionable insights to drive growth

Our advanced analysts perform a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your data. This may include multi-variant analysis, multiple regression, neural networks, etc.

Our team of experts will review your objectives for the analysis, and perform a detailed and comprehensive analysis of your data:

  1. Date Preparation:
    • This includes handling missing values, duplicates, and correcting inconsistencies, exploring relationships, and building data models.
    • Visualization: Inspecting and visualizing the data, helping to identify patterns, anomalies outliers, and correlations.
  2. Insight Generation:
    • Various models are applied to the data such as anomaly detection, contribution analysis, propensity scoring, correlation matrix, attribution modelling, etc. to derive every possible insights.¬†
    • Pattern Identification: Seasoned analysts identify meaningful patterns and trends from the data.
  3. Advanced Analytical Techniques:
    • Predictive Modelling: Utilizing models such as multi-regression analysis, decision trees, multiple analysis, and ML to predict future trends.
    • Segmentation: Clustering to divide customers into distinct groups with similar behaviors or attributes.
    • Deep Neural Networks: Where applicable DNN are utilized for the most advanced model building .
  4. Reporting and Recommendations:
    • Storytelling:¬†Data stories are crafted to communicate findings clearly and effectively to stakeholders.
    • Insight Reporting: Insights are compiled into reports and/or dashboards that highlight key findings and recommended actions.

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