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Text & Sentiment Analysis

Unlock the hidden insights in the messages, reviews, and feedback your customers are sending you

Call Center Transcripts

We apply advanced data science techniques to decode your call data, revealing trends to propel your business forward.

Data Insights

Our experts deep-dive into your data with many statistical & visual tools that turn complex data into clear, actionable insights.

Case Study: Product Review For Wickedly Good Potato Chips – 3 min video

We were asked to provide  a detailed sentiment analysis for the potato chip product review. So we utilized the data science ML models using transformers like Google’s RoBERTa and DeBERTa to produce psychographic analysis with sentiment scores, and mapped them back into the customer feedback texts. You can download the written report with full explanations and recommendations at below link.

A longer video of Potato Chips review

Looking for Customer Segmentation?

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Text and Sentiment Analysis

Sentiment Plots
Positive / Negative Sentiment Chart

Utilizing AI Models

At Insights Overflow, we are leveraging cutting-edge data science methodologies by employing state-of-the-art pre-trained language models such as Google BERT, RoBERTa, and DeBERTa, among others. These models enable a deep understanding of contextual nuances in language, which significantly enhances our capability to classify text inputs accurately.

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Our models consider multiple features simultaneously, turning information into actionable insights

We have a diverse range of services:

Analysing marketing and sales data, campaign data, website utilization, market research data, survey feedback, and much more

Insights Overflow transforms your data chaos into a clear roadmap for success with exceptional service.

Our dashboards will make your complex data instantly understandable. A game-changer for your business!

Customer profiling and customer churn models

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